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Flat Fish Mounts tails

This is absolutely our favorite form of Flat mounting. It’s the perfect way to preserve that large pelagic species without overpowering a room. Just save your fish tail, fresh or frozen. Release tail mounts are also available, just measure the tail and Contact us at 954-665-1100  with measurements or to pick up your fish tail in the Broward and Palm Beach area or to arrange delivery outside Broward and Palm Beach. Your fish tail will be meticulously prepared for printing by the artist. The artist will then carefully create your print using hand made Japanese unyru paper(unryu = cloud dragon ) . Once the proper print has been achieved the artist will record the date, species, size, boat name and angler name on the piece. To finish the piece he will apply his personal hand stamp and signature on your original, one of a kind work of fine art.


Black and White Original $245

Fish tails over 30 Inches in width + $5 per inch

* $100 Deposit per order*

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